• Provide your guests with shuttle transportation from a hotel or main destination
  • Transport your entire group in one bus/van/limo
  • Encourage guests to carpool or take public transit
  • Invest in carbon credits directly from the Phipps website to offset transportation pollution


  • Choose organic, local and seasonal foods for your appetizers and entrees
  • Offer vegetarian and vegan foods as options
  • Offer plated food for your guests instead of a buffet
  • Serve food on washable plates rather than disposable (remember we only allow compostable disposable products at Phipps)
  • Choose a baker that uses organic cake ingredients, or provide the ingredients to them
  • Place smaller, table-size cakes in the center of the tables as centerpieces
  • Donate excess food to a food bank or those in need


  • Serve beverages in washable glasses
  • Choose local or organic wine, beer, liquor and non-alcoholic drinks


  • Choose acoustic musicians rather than electric
  • Use local vendors to support local business and reduce emissions incurred by traveling to the event


  • Register with fair trade or eco-gift vendors
  • Ask guests to donate to environmental organizations in lieu of a gift
  • Add a local company to your registry


  • Use potted plants as centerpieces that can be taken home by your guests or donated afterward
  • Use local, organic, and in-season cut flowers from a local farm or grower
  • Use organic fruit or herbs in place of cut flowers


  • Give your guests seed packets, potted plants, or tree seedlings to plant at home
  • Give homemade jams in recycled or reused jars
  • Give organic and sustainably-harvested chocolate, fruit or baked goods
  • Give honey from a local bee keeper
  • Give compact florescent light bulbs
  • Purchase carbon credits or renewable energy credits in your guest’s name directly from our website
  • Make donations in guests’ honor to the conservatory or other eco-cause
  • Use recycled goods or organic fruits for centerpieces
  • Use place cards made from seed embedded paper products or 100% recycled paper


  • Have a ‘local’ honeymoon and experience all good things about our local community
  • If your group is getting ready at home for the ceremony, provide pitchers instead of bottled beverages, and local and organic foods
  • Request that the room be kept at a moderate temperature
  • Work with an event planner familiar with green practices


  • When planning your event, think about how you can reduce, reuse, and recycle

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